Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tut II

I think it was 1977 when the King Tut exhibit rolled into Los Angeles. It was a popular event; people stood in long lines for long times, some up to 8 hours, waiting to purchase tickets. All in all, it is estimated that around eight million people in the United States viewed the boy king.

Contrast that to the excitement generated over advance tickets that sold for "This Is It," the Michael Jackson movie slated for release on October 27. Once again the King of Pop was in the news as cameras recorded his faithful fans standing in line, some who had been there for several days, waiting for those cherished tickets to the exclusive premiere.

It seems Los Angeles is in the grip of MichaelMania. They just can't get enough of him! Is the entire nation like that? A country filled with people who just can't let him go?

Well, I have the solution:

The Michael Jackson Farewell Tour.

Heck, if King Tut and the Eagles did it, why not Michael Jackson? Just cart him around the country and put him on display. Maybe not even call it a "farewell" tour but instead just a "tour." That way the sponsors can be like Disney and re-release him every few years for a limited time only. And an appearance on Oprah, too.

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