Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This summer started out pretty mild and then it turned unbearably hot. I took to running early in the morning instead of the afternoon because it was much cooler at that time. It's quiet, the air is nice and fresh, I'm nice and fresh and there's not many people out and about yet.

Since it cooled off this week, I decided to run in the afternoon today. I kind of missed the sunshine, too. After all, gotta get enough vitamin D!

So out I went and it didn't take long before the difference between early morning and late afternoon running became apparent to me. By the time I neared home I felt like I was in slow motion, lol. I think next time it is back to early morning for me!

Long time ago I read something in the National Lampoon about how to simulate the effect of being old. They listed various increasing ages and how to set up a room to make it feel like you were that age.

For example, at 20 it said just walk through the room like you normally do.

At 40 it said to wear some weights and do the same walk.

At 60 it said fill the room with jello and then walk through it.

And I think at 70 or 80 it said fill the room with concrete and then walk through it.

Whew, today felt like jello stage - it was still too hot for my liking!

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