Saturday, September 19, 2009


The other day I purchased the DVD of the movie that scared me the most when I was little: Invaders From Mars. Have you ever seen it? To a little kid like me, it was terrifying.

Several years ago I had told Julie and kids about it and when the VHS became available, I bought it. This, I assured them, as we sat down to watch it, was a scary movie.

They all laughed. They thought it was stupid.

Looking at it as an adult, the props and costumes are cheesy and the acting is horrible, and it reeks of low budget. But still, this movie was and is scary! I'm not the only one; just read many of the customer reviews on Amazon; they felt the same way I did. I'm sure all of us have movies that really affected us. Invaders From Mars, cheesy as it may be, is the one that did it for me.

Watching it when I was little, I put myself in the main character's shoes, a kid about my age. Aliens capture adults who fall through sandtraps on a little rise in a neighboring field, then implant little devices that takes away their souls and makes them act like zombies. It happens to his parents and others he is close to. Now can you picture a little kid imagining that happening to him? Your parents aren't really your parents anymore?

The creepy music and many of the images from the movie (such as the sandtrap area) are still vivid in my mind. A problem with the VHS tape was its quality. Many parts of the movie were so dark you could barely see what was going on. The quality of the DVD is still subpar but much improved; being that it was a B-movie from 1953 it isn't surprising that a good print is not available.

If you've seen the movie (the original, not the remake) then I bet you know what I am talking about. If you've never seen it, take an hour and a half of your life and watch it. It was only $5.49 when I bought it but I see the price has gone up a whole dollar in the few days since then. They must know everyone will be reading my blog and a stampede to buy will be the result.

You can even click the icon below to check it out! I posted the trailer here a few days ago but here it is again.


Anonymous said...

"Gee Whiz". IFM scared the crap out me too. Every full moon I would look out my bedroom window to watch for Martians and not sleep the rest of the night that summer. Could be where the lunacy originated from. We had a basement and occasionally the dog would wander into it and get locked in. My bedroom was above the door and the dog would not bark, but just work the door trying to get out. No sleeping that night either.

Hey Rickie- Hate to jack your thread but how is the Beatles's compilation? Is it worth it? Costco is selling it. I have every Beatle's song ever recorded but of course don't listen to them on the home theater. I generally only listen to 5.1 or streaming digital. Would this purchase forever change me?

Rickie Miyake said...

Through the eyes of little kids, IFM is a terrifying movie!

As for your question about the Beatles, the long answer appears in tomorrow's (Monday) blog but the short answer is YES, it is worth buying the box of remasters!