Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random Stuff

This morning (Friday) started out with a breakfast meeting at Lancer's in Burbank where I think the average age of the patrons is about 105 years old. We were a little on the left of that average.

I ordered a veggie omelette with white toast. When the waitress appeared with my order and set the plates down in front of me, my boss looked at the white toast and proclaimed that was the most unhealthy thing anyone could possibly eat. Poison! All that processed flour going into my body was not good at all.

Then I pointed at the EXTRA side order of bacon he got. "Processed nitrates?" I asked.

Lunch was uneventful. I just ate my usual turkey sandwich at my desk.

Then for dinner Julie and I went to Souplantation (yes I know it seems we go there a lot) and across the way from me was a twenty-something Asian girl with raccoonitis. She had drawn very dark and thick outlines around her eyes, in almost perfect circles. I kept looking at her. I hope she didn't think I was captivated or anything; I was wondering why would anyone want to look like they belonged in a Tim Burton movie. I was also trying to imagine what she looked like without those crop circles but they were so forceful I couldn't comprehend it.

Have you noticed that our president's name lends itself to new vocabulary? Like "Obamunism." Or, "Obamanoia." Or, "Obamacare." Soon I imagine he will be embroiled in some sort of Obamagate because that is pretty much unavoidable for a president. Then there is the ongoing issue of Obamanomics.

Now try doing that with Bush, Clinton, etc., and it just doesn't have the same feel to it. I think it has to do with the fact that Obama ends with an "a." Most every other president's name ends in a consonant and when it does that, the name pretty much hits a dead end on that last syllable. But Obama keeps on going.

There have been very few presidents whose last name ended in a vowel. I can think of Kennedy ("and sometimes 'y'"), Monroe and Coolidge offhand but that's about it.

And there you have it, my random ramblings for the day.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the reference to the Moosinator in the comics today? When asked what foreign countries she would like to visit, she replied the country that Obama was born and New Mexico.

I've been staying low on the political stuff but what about bushbot and bushit? I hear that a lot. I was eating lunch with my pastor and some guy from church. Right after prayer,the guy repeats something he hears on the Rush Oxycontin show. How are angels like the President? They don't have birth certificates. I am sorry,I tell him, but I respect the President no matter what, and I've seen copies of his birth certificate. Why are they still bringing this up, and don't they know that McCain, who I do admire does not have a birth certificate? No, he was not born in the USA. My punishment for the defense of the President was to be asked to increase my church workload to basically a full time position. Actually from what I can see, it would be more work than some paid staffers.

Rickie Miyake said...

Well I didn't vote for Obama but I do believe the president ought to be respected.

That said, this past week I have also learned a new way to deal with people I don't agree with. It's a waste of time being polite or tactful. A simple, direct, "YOU LIE!" is much more effective. Next thing you know, someone is going to yell, "your mama!"

donna said...

Now, that made me laugh even harder! Yo Mama!