Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today was the first day back in school for many kids in the Los Angeles area. One of my co-workers told me about her fun day.

In the morning she told her son J and her daughter S to meet at a certain place after school so they could come home together. She walked them over to the designated spot and told them, they were both to go directly there after school and under NO circumstances were they to go anywhere else. If J wasn't there, S was to wait. If S wasn't there, J was to wait. Do NOT go anywhere else, don't go looking for them, don't do anything but wait there in that exact spot.

Then she asked if they understood, which apparently they did.

But apparently they didn't. S showed up at the spot but J wasn't there.

Mommy asked J what happened to him. "Didn't I tell you to go there and then wait??"

"I had to use the bathroom real bad! Then when I came back, S wasn't there!"

So mommy asked S where she was.

"J wasn't there so I went to go look for him."

"Didn't I tell you to stay in one place and not to go anywhere???"

"But he wasn't there so I went to look," S said.

"J, didn't I tell you not to go anywhere???"

"I had to use the bathroom real bad!!"

And that's only the first day! Later she said J asked her if he could punish S when they got home for not listening. S asked mommy if she could punish J for not listening when they got home.

I remember waiting for a ride one time when I was in junior high. It was after our Chaparrals (YMCA club) meeting on a Friday night when Centenary Methodist was at its original location on Normandie near Jefferson. Sterling's dad was supposed to pick me up and take me home. Sterling was sick that day but Mr. Tom was nice enough to still volunteer to give me a ride home as for whatever reason, my dad wasn't able to do so that night.

I waited and waited and he didn't show up. Gradually the lot where the basketball courts were, where everyone waited for their rides, emptied out until I was the only one left. It seemed no one was at the church building, either.

So I figured he must have forgotten. I decided to run home by myself.

Now if you know that neighborhood, you know that it was pretty foolish to be outside by yourself at night and if you were, you indeed had better be running! Adrenaline must have been pumping like crazy through me because I didn't feel the least bit tired as I ran the mile or so from the church to the house.

When I got home my mom usually waved to Mr. Tom but since he wasn't there she asked me what happened to him. I told her I had just run home, not something she wanted to hear. "Well what was I supposed to do, just wait there? I was all by myself." And of course there were no such things as cell phones and I didn't have any money to make a phone call.

A few minutes later a poor, frantic Mr. Tom called and my mom told him I was safe and sound. I can imagine what must have been going through his head when he showed up and I wasn't there!

I guess kids are born to give their parents consternation. What parents ought to do is to let their kids know that if they don't behave and listen to what they are told, this is what will happen to them: (YouTube won't allow embedding so you will have to click here to view it - guaranteed to be effective!)


Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Tom. So finish the story. What happened to you?

Rickie Miyake said...

Oh nothing happened to me. True, maybe I should have stayed put and waited but then it seemed to me that I was the only one left so how safe would it have been to stay put?

kmiyake said...

402nd post? man you blog a lot