Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Hey, this is the blog's 400th post! If Seinfeld can do a show about nothing, I have proved that I can do the same with a blog.

Labor Day was nice and relaxing. We took a drive out to cooler pastures, namely the Del Amo mall in Torrance.

All malls are pretty much the same. When they are bigger, like Del Amo, the difference in space between the large and small ones is filled up with more stores that sell the same stuff as the ones already there. Well maybe not quite - we had our first meal at Chick Fil A and that's really the only location I am aware of.

And there was some store selling everything for only $10. Almost everything; in small letters below the giant EVERYTHING $10 writing it said, with certain exceptions. The small print wasn't that obvious so I imagine the store has seen some very excited patrons salivating at the prospect of getting a $10 dining table.

Actually there was a decent selection of items that looked like they would sell for more than $10 at most places, and even the certain exceptions seemed well priced.

Then we went into this one dollar store where it was the exact opposite. I don't know why Julie even bothers to look in these places but oh, well. Nothing, and I mean not one single thing in there was even worth a dollar! It was total junk!!

Julie found a few things and I wound up with a couple of jars of mixed spices from TJ Maxx, of all places, after having to stand in line for about 20 minutes. It's a very inefficient operation over there.

While sitting in the food court munching our Chick Fil A meals, I was eyeing the various kiosks lining the middle of the walkway and wondering how profitable these mini-businesses were. They had the advantage of a relatively low capital investment which would make it easier for a small entrepreneur to get started.

But most didn't seem to be very popular. The one nearest us provided some sort of hair curling or styling service. The guy was busy working on the hair of a customer but that seemed rather inefficient to me because you can only work on one person at a time and who wants to wait around at a kiosk in the mall if the guy is busy? It's not like being at a barber shop where you are held captive because there's nowhere else to go or nothing else to do.

Then there was one selling belt buckles, another with costume jewelry, one selling DVD's, and one, the only one that seemed busy, selling cell phone cases and accessories.

I got to thinking that there has to be some sort of product or service you could sell from a kiosk that would be very, very popular. What that is I still haven't thought of, but with the right product it could be a lot more efficient than the standard brick and mortar high-rent mall store.

That opinion was only reinforced by walking around the clothing racks at the stores we visited, seeing how much of it was on sale and also thinking to myself that no one in their right mind would buy this stuff because it was downright ugly. But then they are not me and maybe beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Naw.. if it was, this stuff wouldn't be so drastically marked down in the first place. It just seemed to me that there was soooo much inventory per person that the whole model didn't make sense.

All that unwanted merchandise.. what becomes of it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rickie did you wear your Goat outfit to the Chick and get your freebie? Or was it your powder blue and gold Bruin gear?


The wife and two other couples rode with me on a metric century yesterday. I got my photo taken at mile 54. See if you can spot me.


Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. You can still get a free sandwich and/or drink at the Chick.


The first quarter of a million people to sign up get a free sandwich coupon and the rest of a million get a free drink.

Rickie Miyake said...

You know after we got home I saw a Chowhound post about that free chicken! Too late.. I don't expect we'll be going out that way anytime soon. Probably not before they have a new promo out.

That's a nice picture of you! Looks like it was a gorgeous day for a ride, too. So where is your wife? You know, I have no idea what she looks like because you never showed me a picture of her!

donna said...

Congratulations on your 400th post! So how'd you know it was your 400th?

Rickie Miyake said...

Thanks, Donna! How did I know it was #400? Well I just made that up but who is going to go back and verify it? Actually, it really was #400. Blogger keeps them numbered so you know how many you have done to date.