Sunday, September 13, 2009


When I was much younger I read somewhere that we remember our dreams in black and white, even though we may dream in color. If you think about that, if we remember them in black and white how can anyone say we actually dream them in color because how would they ever know?

I did believe it, though, because I could never remember dreaming anything in color. Do you dream in color? Do you really remember them in color or do you just know that they were in color when you actually had the dream even though your recollection is in black and white?

I find it is odd that our minds are able to translate a color dream into black and white. Or, if we really do not dream in color, that we are able to imagine things in black in white that are really in color. Take a look around you right now - are you able to imagine what you see in black and white?

Is our black and white recollection of our dream a product of having watched black and white movies or television shows? If someone had never seen a black and white picture or video, would he or she still remember dreams in black and white?

Last night I dreamed I was running across the lawn at the UCLA campus. The lawn was very green. I remember looking down at the lawn and, knowing I was actually dreaming, thinking that this lawn is bright green but it isn't supposed to be in color because I'm dreaming.

Right at that moment the lawn turned grey and the dream became black and white. And I thought, hey wait a minute, I KNOW everything was in color, especially the lawn so it's too late to change to black and white! I also remember when the lawn turned grey that it also suddenly became a chore to run and I felt tired.

I don't remember what happened after that. Maybe the dream police took over because I had gone where I wasn't supposed to.

So what would Freud say about that?

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