Friday, September 25, 2009

Feisty Grump

Not long ago I was reading the Amazon consumer reviews for the Blu Ray version of The Last Waltz when I came across one that sounded familiar to me. But I knew I hadn't read it before so I was wondering why it seemed like I had.

Then it hit me.

I browsed over to and looked at the review done by their staff member. That's where I had seen it! I compared the names of the reviewers.. not the same.

Here is a screen print of the original, professional review at (click on any of the images for a full-size version):

Now here is the screen print of the review at Amazon. Notice any similarities?

The guy even used the same misspelling of the word "taut!" As used in the review, the correct word should be "taut," not "taught." I couldn't believe how blatant that was. In fact I wrote a nasty comment to append to the Amazon review, telling the reviewer he should be ashamed of himself.

Yesterday I thought about that same review and went back to the Amazon page to see if there was any response to my comment. There wasn't. Then I decided to look at another one of this guy's reviews to see if he had plagiarized that one, too. Take a look. Here is his review:

Now here are snippets of the review from, this time written by a different staff person than the one doing the Last Waltz review:

So whaddaya think? Again I left a flaming comment on this guy's Amazon review. That really burns me up when people take credit where no credit is due!

I have to say I've been getting more edgy in my reviews and comments. Like for example, this review that someone posted about the Beatle's White Album:

Here is the comment I left.

Today when I looked at his review again, I noticed that he had edited part of it so he must have read my comment. His original review made mention of "..proudly showing of (sic) your five loud speakers.." (italics mine) and I took him to task about that, pointing out that this was a stereo recording so how could there be five speakers? Now his review doesn't contain the word "five" anymore, haha. It still is a faulty review, though!

I've decided I'm gonna calls 'em as I sees them and if I start sounding like Joe Wilson, well so be it! I mean, when we see something that is clearly wrong, should we just pretend it isn't there? We're going to have some accountability here!

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