Friday, September 18, 2009


It seems civility has taken a turn towards extinction in our great country; witness the recent "You Lie!" outburst during Obama's speech, or Kayne West's acting like a jackass, or Serena Williams exercising her right to free speech at the U.S. Open. Can't we all get along???

Rumor has it that no one is really sure where Obama is from because he has no birth certificate. Without getting into that issue, let me just say that it is obvious to me that he is not from my old 'hood, the Crenshaw area. If he was, when Joe Wilson shouted out, "You Lie!" during the president's speech on health care reform, Obama would have simply dished back some attitude in his direction with a well-timed, "Yo' Mama!" That would have shut the guy up for good. And if not, well, there's always the parking lot outside to settle any remaining differences.

That brought back some memories from my elementary and junior high school days when one of our favorite pastimes was "shooting down" on each other. Two opponents would engage in escalating insults at each other while onlookers expressed their opinions of just how good each "shot" was. This brought on incredible pressure to do one-better than your opponent's last remark or else lose face.

Back in elementary school, one frequent remark was, "forget you!" Then there was always the kid who would reply, "forget you forgot you, never thought about you." Or someone, who when you asked where they lived, would reply, "two-two forget you."

Yeah, I know it's stupid. But it was fun. We just said what was on our minds and no one really got offended. Then when we got to high school we were supposed to be more civilized so we stopped with that trash talk and started spreading rumors instead.


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I just say "Stop that". Even works on people that look like adults on the surface.