Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Woo Woo Part Two

Several days ago I wrote about the annoying "guest dog" next door who sounded like it had swallowed an accordion when it barked. I say "guest" because it is only there every once in a while and I can easily distinguish it from our neighbor's "regular" dog because of its distinctive wheeze-o-bark.

This creature barked incessantly and, for most of the time, no good reason. If there was a good reason to bark, the other dog would have followed suit but it most of the time it didn't. The regular dog barks enough as it is but the accordion dog was ridiculous.

This loud, constant barking was particularly acute at night when the windows were open. One evening around 10:30 with woo woo barking at what seemed like seconds between intervals I got fed up and walked over to the window.


There was a brief pause of stunned silence and then woo woo started to bark again.


Two quick, short and stern words in my best straight-from-the-diaphragm voice. Woo woo muttered a weak little push of air from the accordion and was quiet.

The rest of the evening woo woo managed a few half hearted barks but they quickly tailed off into nothingness. It was pretty funny. Like it was covering its mouth with its paw. Ah... the peace and quiet!

That was over a week ago. Since then, woo woo has apparently gone back to woo woo land because I haven't heard a peep. As for the regular dog, it still barks once in a while but nothing like before. I'm finding I have to adjust to having such tranquility now, sort of how when you go on vacation you have to get used to the feeling of relaxation from being away from work.

I don't expect dogs to be quiet. If there is something to bark at, then they should bark. But for a reason, not randomly and constantly like stupid woo woo. Actually I feel kind of guilty but when I think about it, why should I? Our neighbors ought to be the ones feeling guilty because they let that dog keep wheeze-barking so much.

That's the problem with having dogs - they can make so much noise. Now cats, on the other hand, are the pets of preference because they don't make any trouble.

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