Sunday, August 9, 2009


My Saturday morning usual trip to Costco was so ordinary I'm not even going to talk about it! Well except to tell you that if you wanted those Martha Stewart chicken slab pies, you're out of luck; they have disappeared from the shelves.

We had lunch at El Pollo Loco today, taking advantage of the 2-piece chicken combo temporarily reduced in price to $3.99. That's for a leg and thigh; we asked how much extra for white meat and the cashier appeared confused. She told us an extra breast is $2.39. We said not for another piece, how much to substitute white for dark meat? Someone else came over and said it was $5.99. So forget it, we went with the dark meat.

That combo doesn't come with a drink so Julie ordered a small one. The cashier then pointed to the combo that is on "special" that came with a drink and said it was $5.99. Then we pointed out that a small drink is $1.59 so it was cheaper to order the combo without a drink and just add a drink to it separately. I guess the cashier was really confused by now so she just gave an "okay, suit yourself" shrug and rang it up. Then I had the same thing except for a medium drink instead of small.

Now you may wonder, if drink refills are free and I seem to be so obsessed with getting the most for my money, why not get the smallest size and simply get more refills? Because I am not rational, haha.. actually, because we fill it up before we go so if you have a larger cup you can take more with you.

Okay, now that you know how cheap we are, what I really wanted to point out about El Pollo Loco are the confusing number of specials that they have going right now. Like, you can get 7 pieces of dark meat chicken for $5.99 but then that doesn't come with any sides or drinks, so how does that compare to the other specials that come with sides or drinks, etc. And also, how it makes no sense that a 2-piece combo with a small drink costs more than buying a 2-piece combo without a drink and then you add your own.

After lunch we took a drive out to the west side of town where it was cooler. Much cooler. Since we were out that way, naturally I thought it would be nice to check out the Costco in Culver City. I mean, why go all that way and then not see what it was like?

You know what's crazy, they have an In-N-Out in the same lot as the Costco. Talk about congestion! Have you ever seen an In-N-Out that had an adequate sized parking lot? I've yet to encounter one of those.

Luckily it didn't take long to find parking. I was curious about this Costco, since being on the west side (i.e., "trendy") of town I wanted to see if they had different merchandise or a larger selection of goods.

Nope, they don't. Well, not entirely true. They did have a few more things but not enough to justify a special trip. Wine-wise they have a lot more selection than the sorry ones at Alhambra or Azusa but aside from that, the inventory is nearly the same. By the way.. head over to the monkuPoll and cast your vote on the Costco food court..

Saturdays being "eat out" day, we had dinner at Souplantation in Arcadia. Afterwards we took a short walk around the area and it's pretty scary how it is littered with "for lease" signs all over the place. A Fusion restaurant that used to be Tony Romas that opened just a few months ago has already gone out of business. So did the more long-timer Macaroni Grill. Claim Jumper had no one waiting outside for a table. I saw lots of empty parking spaces at the Red Lobster. I also saw an ambulance in their parking lot so I assume someone who actually thought their food was as good as their commercials makes it look must have found out the truth. Now Souplantation, on the other hand, was pretty crowded.. are people eating healthier, or cheaper, or both?

Overall, that restaurant row section of Arcadia seemed pretty depressing. Lots of empty spaces all over the place..

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