Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Old Bay

Old Bay - wasn't that a song by Chicago?

A while ago a sample of Old Bay seasoning (not Old Spice, but Old Bay) arrived with our newspaper. I'd never tried that before so I put it on some fish and it was pretty good.

It was just a small packet but there was enough for several servings. Before trying it I noticed that Costco sold it. After trying and liking it, wouldn't you know it had disappeared from their shelves.

I thought I'd look it up on the Chowhound site to see what people were saying about it, and in the process ran across this thread: What's Your Secret Ingredient? Viewers were asked to post the secret ingredient they used in their dishes to make them more flavorful. It's a pretty long thread and I found it very interesting while at the same time it made me hungry. There were lots of good ideas in that thread so if you like to cook you might find it worthwhile to have a look see.

Meanwhile I'm putting Old Bay on the grocery list. Too bad they don't have it at Costco anymore. While I'm at it I might as well go through that thread and see what else looks good.


Anonymous said...

Making 5 trips to Maryland last year got me into Old Bay. Crab cakes and those seafood buckets have to have Old Bay. I watched a video on the inhouse hotel feed of it being bottled but since found out that McCormick made it and my neighbor was a manager at their production facility. He's passed but the guys from the plant still come to their Tuesday night Bible study. I love Old Bay but can't tolerate the sodium. There's an Old Bay with 30% less, but its still high. Like low sodium shoyu. Yesterday I was looking at the Organic No-Salt Seasoning by Kirkland ITM./ART. 165041. I was surprised to see a virgin bottle of it in the spice rack this morning. I dusted some hashbrowns with it and its not bad at all. I went ahead and dumped the bottle of Dash.

Rickie Miyake said...

The Kirkland seasoning is a great value for the money, especially since it isn't 90% salt like most of those concoctions. I sprinkle it all over my salad (very liberally), then add some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, then mix it all up.. Yumm, delicious.