Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Sunday was a relaxing day. After church we headed to Costco for an economical (cheap) lunch. Actually, I had read someone's Facebook post about the Alhambra location selling bulgogi bakes (like the chicken bakes only containing marinated beef, Korean-style) so I wanted to try it.

The cashier said there would be a four-minute wait because they weren't ready. Impatient me decided to get the same thing as Julie instead - the polish sausage dog. Hmm.. is "polish" supposed to be capitalized? It really isn't referring to people from Poland. Then if you capitalize "polish" does that mean sausage should be capitalized as well?

Back to lunch, we both had our polish dogs and they were as good as usual. I asked one of the food court workers if they were still using Hebrew National since the menu sign read "Kosher" but didn't specify the brand. She told me yes, they were. There's a complaint thread over at about the switch to Kirkland dogs and how many people absolutely hate the new ones. Still $1.50 including a drink, this is about the best lunch value around.

Several minutes into eating the hot dog, I noticed the guy who had been in front of us in line sat down with a fresh bulgogi bake (the menu calls it a "beef bake" which I'm sure is easier to pronounce). It seemed longer than 4 minutes. Like the chicken bake, it was quite substantial in size. He finished it, though.

I was curious as to the nutritional content of the bakes so I did some web research. No one lists the bulgogi bake yet, since this is only being tested at certain locations. As for the chicken bake, however, I obtained mixed results:

One website pegged it at a horrifying 1,007 calories! That exact same site had two listings, though, both for the same thing. The other one attributed 810 calories, still a whopper of an amount. The serving size for the higher calorie count said "1 sandwich" and the lower count said "one serving." It looked like a whole sandwich to me that Costco serves so is it really 1,007 calories?

Another site told me it was 590 calories. That's a lot more reassuring. But then still another said 770 calories. So who do you believe?? After seeing all that I was kind of glad I was impatient and opted for the polish dog instead, which is supposedly 540 calories. Kind of makes you wonder how reliable the information is on the world wide web, doesn't it?

But then whenever you eat at Costco you need to factor in hundreds more calories because of all the food samples they give away. Don't forget those waist line premiums!

There's no YouTube today. Instead, I have a poll for you - you don't even need to click to go to monkuPoll (which by the way has been put on suspension), you can just click right here.

I do try and put some effort in making the video somehow relevant to the blog subject matter but some days work better than others. How do you feel about the YouTube videos embedded on this site?


Anonymous said...

The Sunday before we are going to a meeting in Pasadena and the boss wants me to stop at a Starbucks for a iced coffee. We have a half hour so I go to your Costco. Tim spots the beef bakes but we have the mocha freezes. The chicken bakes get their calories from the the cheese, bacon and ranch dressing. I stopped eating them when they changed the recipe and cut the green onions.

Anonymous said... iced coffee...

Rickie Miyake said...

I think the beef ones are less caloric because I don't think they have cheese, etc. Just the marinade and onions. So unless the marinade is really sweet it should be lower in calories than the chicken one. And about the coffee - I just assumed you had "a niced coffee," haha..

allysdad said...

so... Bonnie googled calories for bulgogi bake and your blog popped up. there is cheese in the bulgogi bake so I don't think the caloric penalty is all that different from the chicken version