Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I think I mentioned yesterday that I bought a package of Trader Joe's seafood sausage after reading about it in their lastest Fearless Flyer. It sounded good.

Tonight we ate it. I pan-fried them. They looked okay (I would have preferred them to have a more browned appearance but oh, well) and then came the taste test.

Hmm.. it definitely was not your normal sausage. Julie said they tasted like Chinese seafood cakes. And then I knew exactly what they reminded me of: kamaboko! Taste and texture.

I used to love kamaboko when I was little; the fishman would come by in his big green truck and I'd be happy to see my mom buy a package of it. That and chewy squid sticks.

As I grew up, however, I lost my yearning for it and never got it back. These days I would just as soon avoid it!

Both of us agreed, this was not something to buy again. The problem is that it comes in a 4-pack and we only ate half of a pack tonight. Now I know Trader Joe's has a no-questions asked satisfaction policy; you don't even need the product or the receipt, you just tell them you didn't like something or that something was spoiled and they give you a refund on the spot (or at least they did, according to what I've heard; I've never actually returned anything to a TJ).

So the question is, do I return the remaining half of a package? Because I sure don't feel like eating it!

I was thinking maybe if it were grilled more, or chopped up and mixed with something but no matter what, I'd always be thinking kamaboko. And then I would have severe difficulty eating it.


donna said...

Can you add it to your fried rice? Or make chirashi rice?

Rickie Miyake said...

I could add it to fried rice but I don't like the texture of it. Well, maybe.. if it is chopped up tiny enough. As for chirashi.. I am probably the only person I know who doesn't like that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Chop it up into very small pieces and use it for chum. Larger pieces are pretty good for fishing with.

Rickie Miyake said...