Sunday, August 23, 2009

Interesting Saturday

I started out Saturday as usual, at Costco, but that visit was pretty uneventful. No more strawberries for sale and the peaches didn't look all that great, either. I ended up buying some Pink Lady applies (well, they are Pink, I don't know about the Lady part; maybe I am thinking about that Japanese group from years ago?). And avocados were an astounding $7.99 for a bag of five! Nevertheless I put them in the cart with a shrug, just like Mary Tyler Moore does in the opening shots of her old television show.

We had lunch at El Pollo Loco again. And like the last time we were there, again there was confusion at the register. This time we had a coupon for 50% off any combo when you buy another combo of the same or higher price. So that's what we ordered - two 2-piece combos. Then the cashier said we can't do that because the coupon is only good for one, not both. I said I know, but it says on there you have to order one at full price to get the other at half price.

Then the cashier went to talk to someone else about the coupon and after a protracted conversation in Spanish she came back and said the same thing, it was only good on one - which I agreed all along. So then I said okay, just ring up the one at 50% and the other at full price. She said okay, and that's what she did.
Six of one, half dozen of the other, I know..

After that we went to a local restaurant we frequent to pick up a paper menu because we're planning on ordering several lunches from them to take to Keiro next weekend and I wanted to send the menus to everyone so they can tell me what they want and I can order in advance.

I told the owner I was going to e-mail them and then she told us that a lot of people complain because their menu isn't on the web anymore. She used to have it posted on a site that had menus of restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley but it isn't there any more. So she was lamenting how she needed a web site for the restaurant and Julie tells her, "Oh, Rickie does websites."

"You do?"

"Well, not for a long time. I'm all rusty."

But then Julie kept talking and the lady got interested and finally I told her I could do something simple for her if all she really wanted was a downloadable online menu, and I could help her get the domain name and the site published, etc. Then I also told her that I knew what site she was talking about and it was pretty ugly and I could do a better job than that (yes I had to open my big mouth), so she gave me a couple of menus and I left there with my new job, haha.

After that we headed over to Trader Joe's. I was looking at the wines when a woman approached and asked if I worked there. She must have been eyeing my Wonder How To t-shirt and thought I could tell her how to find the three Italian wines mentioned in the Fearless Flyer.

I told her sorry, I didn't work there but that didn't seem to stop her because she showed me the Flyer and asked if I could help her find these wines because they sounded so delicious. I led her over to the Italian section and found the three bottles and explained a few things. Then Julie came over and the woman asked if I was her husband. "Oh, he is so helpful!" she exclaimed.

So I got to play salesperson today. I think it was the t-shirt that helped lend an air of authority to me, haha.

Later on in the day I watched a portion of Fantasia 2000. What a good production - the sound and the video. Like this one:


donna said...

That is hilarious! You need another shirt that says, "I don't work here, but can I help you?"

Rickie Miyake said...

Actually that's a good idea for a t-shirt! I was reading about some improv group that got a whole bunch of people together and they all dressed up like Best Buy employees then went into one of their stores and started walking around. And then they started fielding questions from customers. Pretty funny.. they probably knew more than the regular employees, too!

donna said...

I remember that! Now where did I see it. Maybe on youtube. That really was funny. Another skit was at the Crenshaw Mall and people just started dancing and all of a sudden stopped and went on their merry way. I recall a train station skit also.

Rickie Miyake said...

I read it in this book: "Causing a Scene: Extraordinary Pranks in Ordinary Places with Improv Everywhere." It was one of my Amazon Vine selections a few months ago. I gave it a so-so review because to me, these ideas were pretty funny but then I bet the people who carried them out were really obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

In a previous life I was rooting through my desk at work and I came across a name badge that said MY NAME IS STEVE MAY I HELP YOU. It had the company logo and was engraved. I took to wearing it since I sometimes did not see my boss for a week at a time until some customer complained about Steve.

I still intentionally wear blue shirts to Best Buy and Wallyworld and I have this orange Tennessee Volunteers tee shirt that I wear to Home Depot. Its pretty beaten up and gets all kinds comments behind me. Most commonly "HEY YOU".