Friday, August 14, 2009

How Many People Does It Take..

Today the boss sent an e-mail to eight of us calling a meeting to discuss a strategy issue within the company. He said the person most concerned with this was very busy and that only next Tuesday at 1:30 was available for her.

I was wondering how could anyone be that busy to have such a small window? Even though I normally work from home on Tuesday and would prefer a different day, I said nothing since if that's the time everyone could make it, who am I to say otherwise?

But of course someone couldn't make it at that time.

So then the main person with the small time window said that she could accommodate Friday instead.

Then someone else wrote and said they were off that day.

Then no one wrote anything.

I wrote to three of the people on the distribution list that are my joking buddies at work and said this was hilarious.

One of my joking buddies wrote back to the other three of us and said it was amazing that she was sooooo busy and maybe we'd have to go into the next month.

My response was, "Can't we all just meet on Facebook?"

That prompted someone else to write, ":-D That was freakin hilarious. How about Myspace or Twitter."

I said not MySpace because there's too many spinning objects and flashing signs all over the place. But now Twitter.. that's a thought.

Conduct a meeting via Twitter! We could all sit at our desks and just send Twits to each other. Personally, I think that would make for a much more efficient meeting than the usual hot-air bonanza. Just think about it:

Twitter has a 140 character message limit so that would necessarily keep things brief.

We could all sit at the comfort of our own desks, be it at the office or home, and simply Twit to each other.

No problem with expressions, we could just use the common acronyms like LOL, TTYL, IMO, etc.

Why go through all the inefficiencies of the average corporate meeting?

So after all this, someone wrote to the entire group and suggested 7:30 am on Tuesday morning.

Now how off the wall is that?? After first saying the main person is only available on Tuesday at 1:30, then Friday opened up, and then along comes a suggestion for a completely different time?? I said this all makes no sense whatsoever.

And that's where it got left.. I imagine the meeting will go along the same lines as the attempts at setting the time for it. Was today a Dilbert day or what..

Now let me show you the way meetings OUGHT to be conducted:


Anonymous said...

Last Monday I was called and asked if I could make a retreat Thursday and Friday in Santa Barbara. On the beach. Nice food. My answer. No. They sent an email about a meeting on Monday. I did not even respond. The best thing is to not check email or phone messages. Use caller ID.

Rickie Miyake said...

My old boss used to always say that the key to success in business is to outfumble the other guy! Just keep doing all you can to pretend you are ignorant of what is going on, lol..