Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gumbo Quest

I'm supposed to have lunch with Katie today (meaning Saturday, though I am writing this on Friday). I asked her what she felt like eating and without hesitating, the reply was "gumbo."

There really aren't many places to get gumbo. The gumbo most familiar to me comes in a Campbell's soup can that says "chicken gumbo" but I don't think that's quite the same thing.

There used to be Angelena's, a soul food place in Alhambra, but as you might expect they closed their doors a while ago. I'm just surprised they lasted as long as they did.

Then I thought we could go somewhere in the old 'hood - there must be a lot of places in the Crenshaw area that served gumbo. But I thought wrong; the places I found via the internet all seemed to have gone out of business. I turned to the Chowhound folks and asked for their recommendations. Among the slim results, Harold and Belles got high marks but when I looked at the menu on their web site, no way was I going to pay $18 for a bowl of gumbo. I noticed they had fried chicken on there for $26. $26 for fried chicken???

My response to the recommendations I received on Chowhound was thanks, but H&B was too expensive and I couldn't believe fried chicken would run $26. Someone replied and told me it is even more, $30, at Boneyard Bistro. I can't believe anyone would have the nerve to charge that much for a plate of fried chicken. Even Foster Farms chicken!

I received some other suggestions but they were too far away.

On the same thread I started over there, people got into a discussion of how there weren't any places in the area that served decent gumbo and you'd have to go back to Houston or New Awlins for the real thing. And for a lot less money, too.

So I doubt that we'll be venturing to any soul food places. I'll let you know where we wind up.

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