Friday, August 21, 2009

Double Billing

Today I received an e-mail notice that my LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) bill was ready for online viewing and payment.

That was kind of weird since this pertained to my parents house and that closed escrow back in June. At that time I called to cancel the service and was told that the new owners had already opened an account in their name and transferred everything.

But when I went online to view the bill, it said I owed $190 for the last two months!

I picked up the phone and called their customer service number and, as expected, got an annoying automated voice greeting system. This one was even worse because it was the type that has you speak into the phone and say what you want, rather than push the keypad buttons.

To their credit, after having to listen to the electronic automaton, at least I was connected pretty quickly to a customer service rep. I explained the situation and she looked up the account.

She told me that the account had been switched on June 24 and it was under the new owner's name and that I would be receiving a revised bill for the period June 17 to the 24th.

Now if they already knew that, why did I receive a bill for two months after I closed the account and the new one was opened??? I didn't bother asking this of the woman since either she wouldn't know or else their policy is to try and double bill whatever they can get away with and if someone gets hip to their con artist scheme, just lie and feign ignorance.

I know the economy is bad and all but must they resort to tactics like this? At least try and do something original.. attorneys have already been double billing their time for ages!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you can bet they are double billing on purpose and then playing dumb if caught. But guess what ?..... so also is AARP doing the exact same thing with their Motorist Protection Plan. I received a SECOND billing indicating the eminent discontinuance of my coverage while at the same time, AARP had clearly cashed my renewal check more than 30 days prior.