Monday, August 24, 2009

Counting Ducks

This morning in church we saw a brief nature scene from what I believe is the Planet Earth DVD. It showed a tree with a hole it in rather high above the ground. A mother duck emerged from the hole, which housed her nest, and flew to the ground.

Shortly thereafter, nine little ducklings also emerged for their first flight. Their wings were too small for their bodies but big enough to lend some air resistance to slow them down as they plopped into a pile of leaves on the ground.

The mother duck waited until all nine were on safely on the ground and then led them towards the lake for their first swim.

The question I had was, can ducks count? Because how did the mother duck know when all the ducklings were on the ground before heading off with her troop? If you have an answer you can leave it in the comment section!

After church we headed east to the Costco in Puente Hills, one we normally don't go to. Why? Because of their new bulgogi bakes, of course. The Azusa location, our regular stop, doesn't have them yet (or at least I don't think they do.. I should have checked yesterday). The Alhambra one has them also but when I think of how crowded that one always is plus not being freeway close, Puente Hills sounds like a better option.

Julie had her usual hot dog but I ordered the bake. The guy sliced it in half, put the halves into a paper plate, covered it with foil and there it was. We found a seat (there is not enough shade at that location's food court!!) and I got a chance to see what the fuss was about.

The bake comes in the same crusty wrapping as their veteran chicken bake, sort of like a thin, crunchy pizza dough. Inside is a generous serving of thin-sliced beef (choice grade, they say) along with bulgogi bbq sauce, cheese and onions. Definitely not your most healthy combination. But like an In-N-Out burger, sometimes health just doesn't matter, you have to make sacrifices.

My impression: it was good. Not great, but for $3.49 I'd say it was worth the money. You sure couldn't get that and a drink anywhere else for under four bucks. The beef was of good quality - no gristle and not much fat. The ingredients blended together nicely, with the crispy texture of the wrapping being a nice contrast to the tender beef and gooey cheese.

While we were standing in line I was eyeing the pizza and thinking the combo and the pepperoni sure did look good. But I resisted temptation and instead dutifully ordered what I came for in the first place just so I could say I tried it.

Like I said, it is good, not great, and on par with the hog dogs and pizza. All of them are excellent values.

We went to refill our drinks and found some Asian woman holding a large plastic bag underneath the ice dispenser chute and milking it for all it was worth. That explained why there didn't seem to be much ice in the other two machines. Shameless.. we left before seeing if she did the same with the ketchup, mustard (two kinds - regular and spicy), relish and onions, though. I hope she left some straws and napkins!

The YouTube video wasn't feeling well so there is a substitute for today. Click here for some nostalgia.


donna said...

All ducklings look the same, but to a mommy duck, they don't.

Rickie Miyake said...

But then that implies that somehow the mommy duck is aware of each of her ducklings. If there are so many, what wires her brain to keep track of all of them?

donna said...

Duckyhood... all mommies and duckies know their babes. Nature at it's best.

Anonymous said...

Hey, haven't you seen that penguin movie where mommie penguin goes back to baby penguin after being gone for three weeks and getting frozen and then blinded by the lack of an ozone layer allowing the UVs to attack her retina? It must be like that with the ducks.

Rickie Miyake said...

Hmm.. haven't seen that one. Is that the movie Al Gore invented?

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen it? I have it somewhere and looked twice but can't find the DVD. It must be out on long term loan or something. Here's the wiki link.

The story ends when they start producing these contact lenses for the penguins that filter out the UV. I think it won an Academy Award for the best us of plastics. You don't have rug rats anymore so you've been spared and get to order Beatles albums instead.

The duck/penguin thing reminds me of the imprinting validation experience we conducted in freshman psychology. The school I went to would not accept WLA JC's Psych 1 and I had to pay for the class and was given a baby chicken to imprint. Actually, the entire freshman class was. There were hundreds of baby fowl running around. NOT ONE imprinted. Another class I had to take because the WLA JC class would not transfer was Soc 1. There I learned about the Tasaday. Another hoax.

I wish I could get my money and time back for those two classes.