Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I wasn't going to post anything today but when we were watching Jeopardy, this commercial came on that has been playing a lot lately and every time I hear it, it annoys me to no end. Maybe not as bad as having woo woo the accordion dog next door, but nevertheless still annoying.

And on top of that, it's one of those things where that chant keeps bouncing around in your brain!

My choice for the most annoying commercial of the year so far (thankfully this is the short version; the one on tv grates on forever):


Anonymous said...

I record everything I watch and flash through the commercials. If its real time for some reason, I just watch 10 minutes of something recorded and then go back to the real time delayed program only to flash though the commercials. By the end of the program, the buffer is gone and I am done.

Rickie Miyake said...

Is that a Tivo? It seems the only way you can get a digital recorder like that is to pay all kinds of expensive subscription fees. Being that I watch just a couple of hours of tv a week I guess that wouldn't be worth it!

Anonymous said...

I use ViOS but before you scream, let me say one thing. I never had cable before. Never paid for any subscription. I am exactly like you and watch TV very little. The ViOS is 10M/s download internet, unlimited voice, and the TV thing. Is it worth it? Mmmmfff, no, but its recording constantly so when the hard drive fails, they can replace it.

I was a little upset when the people that I talked to when I adopted the system said the DVR was free and it turned out to be a lie. Hey, its Verizon, its ingrained.

Rickie Miyake said...

So do you like Vios? Do they have a monopoly in your area or are you also able to get AT&T U-Verse if you wanted? Plus cable service, etc. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

ViOS has not glitched yet. I have not had to reboot the router, and have even purchased a UPS for it, but do not have it installed. So in theory, since Verizon supplied a battery for the switch, I could run my laptop even during a power failure. I do notice more traffic on the system, as evidenced by the router light flashing during peak times. All internet packets are sent to every router in my neighborhood. Only those addressed to me are sent through. That's the difference between ViOS and the ATT system. I do not notice a speed difference with other users on line. I just did not know why the light was flashing. I thought one of the computers in the house had been robotized. ATT was not an option in our neighborhood. I did have a cable modem for a a few years. Talk about a pain and lies. I would have to call them up every 60 days to reset the other side of the modem. I would hear all kinds of stuff about tornadoes, car crashes, fires, DOS attacks, you name it. All not true. I would call up my neighbor that is heavily addicted to on line games and ask him his system status. The car crash in Hollywood never affected him. Cable modems are like Porches with really bad gas. They go like hell and then bog down. BRURAAAAAA-pop-stall-BRAAAAA-wait-BRAAAAAA. As far as total usability, DSL was better.