Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Guys Do

I posted the other day about avatars and how one of the online forums I hang around is Emotiva's audio site.

Last weekend one of the members held a get together at his home in St. Louis. Over 30 people attended the event, which consisted of a lot of listening to audio equipment, eating and drinking. This one was especially nice because the owner of Emotiva and his chief engineer even attended.

Now if they held something like that around here, would I go? I'd certainly be curious, because I would like to hear what other people's gear sounds like and it might be interesting to actually meet the people whose posts I read every day, even though I am so reclusive. It might be nice to get together with fellow audiophiles and sit around and grunt like cavemen in appreciation high fidelity.

Here are some pictures of the event I took off the site to give you an idea of what it was like. For some reason there are no women in sight.. now had this been a get together of women, I can just imagine them all sitting around in a circle, chattering enthusiastically like they were all old friends. Either that or being catty with each other, haha.. but the men - well, they all staked out their territory and then sat down to relax!

Mmm.. I'd love to give a listen to all of that! Now some of you out there know just how much I love speakers, lol.. mmm, speakers..

On another note.. while the participation rate over at monkuPoll leaves much to be desired and certainly is not sufficient for any statistical validity, I found that some of the results are rather interesting. Such as..

The majority feels that women are worse drivers than men;

Yoshinoya leads the way when it comes to worst fast food;

Two people say they have seen ghosts and one claims to be one!

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