Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rummaging Around

Saturday morning I went to my usual place - Costco!

Here's the only thing I bought that I hadn't purchased before:

Is it as healthy as it makes itself out to be? I don't know, I haven't opened it yet. It's to take to a lunch tomorrow; otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. It has less calories and fat than the multigrain chips so that's why I picked it up.

As for the other stuff.. we always go the lazy way and buy the salad greens that come prewashed in a box. Costco's price is way cheaper than anywhere else. The only thing is having to rummage around looking for the box with the most distant expiration date. Today I got lucky and the first one I picked said to use by August 5. All the others said July 31. Whoo hoo!

They had some really nice looking avocados today - but expensive. $7.59 for a bag of 5!

Then I needed to get tomatoes. I've been buying the grape variety for a while because they are pretty tasty and have some sweetness, not like your typical store tomato. The ones they had today didn't look very appealing, though. And all the boxes looked the same. Then I noticed there was a tray from a different grower/company down in the stack. Hmm.. maybe those were better.

So I moved all the boxes around just to see if these were any better and indeed, they did look a lot better. I took one box from that tray and placed it in the cart, then put all the other boxes back where they were. Moving stuff around at Costco, the way they have everything stacked so high, isn't easy but it was worth it.

Then since I read that walnuts are supposed to be good for you, I checked out how much they were. $11.99 for three pounds, shelled. I compared that to the pine nuts I've been getting: $16 for 1.5 pounds. Wow, prices keep going up. So when our current stock of pine nuts run out, in come the walnuts.

I also got a few more things, but they were even less exciting than what I just told you about.

And that my Saturday Costco trip.


donna said...

Krinkle Sticks.... dry. What did you think?

Rickie Miyake said...

Yup, very dry. Like processed sawdust. The hype on the bag definitely did not match the actual experience of eating them! Still, if you like Pringles you might like these. It's like eating Pringles in a different shape.

Anonymous said...

They were doing the samples at my Costco and I was flat out grossed out. They were terrible and I was not happy because I would have never purchased them anyway. I don't know why I reached in for a sample. The price? Geeees, sometimes I shock even myself.

Rickie Miyake said...

You had a sample of those potato things? I wish they had that at the one I go to so I could have bought something else.