Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Stuff

A couple of days ago I wrote about the bankers boxes that were being sent to me and how the FedEx tracking info said the shipment weighed 55 pounds; I was wondering if they made a mistake and sent me four sets of 10 boxes each.

Julie sent me an e-mail at work today to let me know that the FedEx guy had brought the boxes and it was this big, heavy package. So they must have indeed made a mistake!

I asked if it seemed like it weighed 55 pounds. She wrote back that she wasn't sure, but it was heavy.

I got home today and took a look at the package, expecting a gigantic box that contained a bunch of smaller boxes. That's it?? This one was smaller than the "medium" sized boxes I had ordered and wasn't all that large - it looked just large enough to have 10 folded-up boxes inside.

"I thought you said it was big and heavy," I said.

"Well it is big and it sure seemed heavy," was the reply.


Next thing: Are news broadcasts across the entire country fixated on spending over 50% of their allotted time talking about Michael Jackson or is it just the flaky ones here in Southern California? Enough is enough! Ever since last Thursday when I watch the news, more than half the broadcast is devoted to something having to do with him. All it does is push the real news back so I have to wait longer to hear about the important stuff, like what the weather is going to be like.

I certainly mean no disrespect to Michael Jackson, because none of this excess is his fault. It's the flaky flakes who won't let go and show the rest of the country what a nuthouse it is out here that I think is ridiculous. These people need to get a life.


Third: I happened to glance at the ending stock prices in the Dow Jones Industrial Average today and saw that AIG went from closing at $1.16 per share yesterday to $18.08 per share today. Whoa! That's a 1,459% increase in one day!

Then I saw what happened. They did a 20-1 reverse stock split. That means for every 20 shares of the stock you owned yesterday, today you only owned 1. Yesterday if you owned 20 shares valued at $1.16 for each share, your total value would be 20 x $1.16 = $23.20. It stands to follow that if you replaced those 20 shares with just one share, the value of that one share should remain the same as it was when it was twenty shares, i.e., $23.20. You just own one share worth that much instead of twenty worth the same in aggregate. However, what actually happened is that the twenty you owned yesterday worth $23.20 fell to $18.08 today.

The stock price really didn't go up 1,459%, it actually went down about 25%.


Fourth: Go on over and play the trivia game! We need some new players over there instead of the same old folks month after month. 10 questions on assorted topics each day.. all you have to do is register and then take the short quiz. Here is the link:

C'mon, just give it a try.. it's not that hard. You just have to be in the right frame of mind when you take the test - watch today's video for some hints on how to be prepared for it.

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