Monday, July 20, 2009

The Rains

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Donna sent me a video not too long ago of a choir that performed Toto's Africa. At the beginning of the piece they did an acapella version of the rain and thunderstorm - pretty neat. Then the other day someone else sent me that video except it only included the beginning rain/thunderstorm part.

Naturally my head had to fill in the rest of it and the song Africa kept playing over and over in my mind - more specifically, the chorus where they sing, "I bless the rains down in Africa." And you know something like this, once it starts playing in your head it doesn't go away. So all day that's been repeating itself.. my brain has been on a constant : : : : pattern with continuous looping of that phrase.

However, what I suggest is to let that loop in all its grandeur in your own mind, but instead of "I bless the rains.." substitute the following phrases (and do it just as earnestly as they sing the song):

I felt disdain down in Africa

Ate quiche lorraine

I felt ashamed

I missed the train

Saw lion tamed

I got me maimed

I sang refrain

I changed a lane

I worked a crane

I went insane

Filled high octane

Got burned by flame

My leg went lame

I raised great dane

I staked a claim

I took the blame

I walked with cane

I talked with Wayne

No use complain

I felt contained

I grew a mane

My food was plain

Used tire chain

I kept the change

I cleared a drain

I found malaise

I searched for praise

It's not like Spain

Wrapped cellophane

Forgot my name

I played card game

I saw Mark Twain

Turned loss to gain

I chopped romaine

I had no brain

Read Mick Spillane

... sorry if this caused you to not be able to sleep.. haha.. feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments box.

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donna said...

Rickie's gone insane...