Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Road - day 5

Lots of pics in this post so I hope you have a broadband connection or you're probably cursing by now.. click on any of them for a larger version.

That was our room, downstairs second from the right. We all boarded the bus and headed back into Yellowstone to see more sights.

There were a lot of hot springs, as you can see, with steam rising from the ground all over the place. We were warned to stay on the boardwalk lest we accidentally fall through the ground into one of the springs.

Here's Yellowstone's most famous attraction, Old Faithful. We really lucked out, arriving a scant ten minutes before the eruption. The average time between eruptions is 92 minutes, so we were fortunate we didn't have to wait very long at all. Amazing..

We walked from Old Faithful towards the Yellowstone Inn and saw these bison also out walking. One of the rangers was calling out to everyone to step back and stay away from them.

This is Yellowstone Lake. Huge.

Here are more of the hot spring pools. Look at how gorgeous the water is.

This part of the park had no running water. You had to be careful not to fall into the toilet because it looked like a pretty steep drop down to a bunch of rocks below. It was too dark for the camera to capture that and I didn't want to stick my head down in the toilet to snap a better picture!

The first time I went to one of the bathrooms, I opened the door and then this woman stood up, gave me a really dirty look like I was some kind of pervert, and yanked it shut again. I was thinking, why don't you use the lock??? I should have just kept opening the door so she could yank it shut until she got a clue that you can lock the doors from the inside, haha..

Here's some more of the awesome scenery.

The waterfall in the three pictures below is the most-photographed landmark in the park.

We left Yellowstone from the south exit, heading for Utah. On the way we passed through Grand Teton National Park. Our tour guide told us the mountain range below is what they use as the background for the Paramount Pictures logo in their films. Look familiar?

We made a brief stop in Jackson, Wyoming. A nice little town but very crowded and too touristy for me. Even though I was a tourist.

Our night's destination was Ogden, Utah. The below picture was taken at a rest stop around 10:00, still a ways from Ogden and we hadn't even had dinner yet. Julie and I just bought something from the mini-mart to eat. She had hot dogs and since I couldn't stand the thought of even looking at one more greasy hot dog I had a turkey sandwich which turned out to be pretty good when you're starving.

The bus rolled into the Days Inn at Ogden just around midnight. I feel sorry for any patrons who were staying there because I'm sure we woke them up with all the noise everyone was making. If that wasn't enough, then the sound of suitcases rolling across the courtyard would have done it!

What a long day.. but it was worth it.

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