Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Road - day 4

From Deadwood to the north entrance of Yellowstone is a long way. Our bus left at 6 in the morning. The thing I remember about the hotel is that it only had one elevator. That didn't work too well with a bunch of tourists all checking in at the same time.

We stopped for lunch in Billings, Montana. I don't know if the part we drove through was representative, but it seemed like a pretty drab place. Once again there was the $10 all you can eat Chinese buffet in a deserted shopping center. Julie and I opted for the only other choice, Godfather's Pizza and their all you can eat pizza buffet. After sampling the wares, I can tell you Shakey's lunch buffet has nothing to worry about.

While the pizza was nothing great, from talking to the others it seems we didn't miss anything by avoiding the Chinese place, either.

After that it was back on the bus for what was still a long ride to Yellowstone. We got there in the late afternoon. Here are some pictures (click on any for larger versions):

While it might look like we were there in the winter, with all that white making it appear like the ground was covered in snow and ice, that is really the color of the rocks with their high mineral content. Also, in the fourth picture from the top you can see steam rising from the water. What a beautiful place.

We stayed just outside of Yellowstone's west entrance in a picturesque little town. There was no $10 Chinese buffet but we did opt for the local Chinese restaurant over the other choices. Why? After having so much fast food or else meals with no vegetables, we figured the Chinese place was the best place to get veggies that weren't either lettuce or potatoes. It was nearly 10 o'clock when we finally ate.

The food wasn't bad. Heck, it was better than many of the places in the SGV!

I took some pictures of the main drag, too. It seemed that most of the locals (or so they appeared to be) congregated at the Diary Queen.

I like little towns like that. I don't think I could live there, though, since there is no Costco or Trader Joe's around.

And that was day 4 of our journey.

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