Saturday, July 25, 2009

Did You Vote?

As some of you, whoever you might be, may know, I recently started up a new site called "monkuPoll."

If you haven't checked it out, or if you haven't cast your vote on some or all of the questions, please click here and go do so! It's no rocket-science site and it doesn't take very long. There's nothing that identifies you with your answer, in case you are worried about privacy if you select a weird choice or anything.. so don't worry!

Then what's the purpose, you might ask.. the purpose is I'm trying to develop a site that generates a fair amount of daily traffic from people who feel like taking a moment of their day to make their opinion known by casting their vote on that day's question. And if they want to elaborate, leave a comment. My hope is to generate some ad revenue via clicking on the Google and Amazon ads/links on the page.

Besides that, I also am just curious as to how people respond to the questions.

For example, as of now I see that the majority of respondents feel that women are worse drivers than men. Given that only 6 people voted, there's no statistical relevance to that although I'd have to say the majority know whereof they speak, haha..

And 11 of 13 people feel that Dave Carroll, the guy who posted the YouTube video complaint about his poor treatment by United Airlines was doing the right thing.

And so far, the Professor on Gilligan's Island is the people's choice. He's my choice, too.

Now for the question asking if you believe in ghosts, two people clicked on the response saying yes they did, because they have seen one. I don't know if they were kidding but it would have been nice to leave a comment about their experience, don't you think?

So if you would, please take a moment to make your vote count each day, and please bear with me as I work on refining the site and try and come up with some questions that are worth asking. There's a new one today just waiting for you!

Meanwhile.. happy weekend! Aren't you glad it's here?


Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up with the dis on Yoshi's? It's all in the ordering. All y'all ain't lived 'til y'all had the spicy chicken bowl,no skin, extra veggies, little sauce and little rice. You thought In and Out had a secret menu? Put on some shoga, togadashi and blow you sodium consumption for the day. Ahh, just take another Dyazide and move on.

Anonymous said...


Rickie Miyake said...

I'm sorry but nothing, absolutely NOTHING can salvage a bowl from Yoshinoya unless you went and bought a bowl from somewhere else (like B-Man, for example) and switched the two around. LOL..