Friday, July 24, 2009


Do any of you post to online message boards or forums? If you do, do you have an avatar that you use?

One site where I can frequently be found is the Emotiva Lounge, which is the message board/forum for folks who have an interest in the Emotiva brand of audio equipment ("Emo" for short). Here is the avatar that I use over there:

Sometimes a person will use their actual picture for their avatar, but more often they use something else. Still, I find myself starting to think that they look like whatever picture they use and when I read their post, I imagine their avatar speaking the written words to me.

Here are some of the avatars from the Emo board:

Now this last guy, everytime I read something he writes I feel like I am being hypnotized. On the actual avatar his eyes keep blinking slowly.

It struck me that my avatar looks rather authoritative, wouldn't you say? So that probably lends credence to whatever I write in my posts to the board - I am giving out sage advice to all who are wise enough to listen, haha..

Here's one guy who was asking for advice about something and basically it was just he and I trading messages. As I went back to read the thread I kept looking at our respective avatars and imagined our message posts taking place as a conversation between the two of us, both looking so serious.

Just like the face behind the voice on the phone, you never know what you're going to find on the other end of that avatar. Like, "That's you?? Nawww!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm an absolute post whore on a secret forum. Sorry I can't even link to it because its completely hidden, even from the Googlebots. I have 4K posts on it and feel pretty good because they generally help someone. I have a buddy that uses the kid avatar. There's a blinking version of that out.