Tuesday, July 28, 2009

30 x 30

It seems In-N-Out burgers have been a frequent conversation topic for me recently so I thought I'd continue the trend and write about it today.

I had mentioned a few days ago when writing about my bus tour vacation that we had stopped at what to me was the most crowded In-N-Out I've ever seen, in Barstow. The other day someone mentioned to me that HE had stopped at the most crowded In-N-Out he had ever seen, this one near LAX. Naturally I had to interrupt him and say no, his wasn't the most crowded, mine was!

Yesterday we had lunch with my folks at Keiro and my sister was good enough to bring In-N-Out burgers for all of us. Mmm, even though they had traveled from Carson they were still good and didn't need to be warmed up. That is why I bought those krinkle potato snacks from Costco the other day, to bring to the lunch. Here's some advice: if you were wondering about buying those potato snacks, save your money. They look weird and don't taste anything like what the bag leads you to believe they will taste like. That said, if you are a Pringles addict you might like them.

Getting back to In-N-Out.. a friend of mine mentioned she had the "animal style" fries from them a while ago. Most of you probably know that In-N-Out has an entire "secret" menu of stuff that you can order with a wink, like those animal fries or animal burgers, etc. Or if a double double isn't sufficient for you, you can also order a 4x4 (four patties and slices of cheese). Or 8x8 (eight patties, eight cheese slices).

I mistakenly thought she was mistaken about the animal fries and that she meant the burgers that came wrapped in lettuce. Turns out I was mistaken, not her.. those burgers with lettuce and no bun are the "protein" style burgers.

Just to clarify things, you can see pics and explanations of the various secret items by clicking here.

Now I apologize if I am the last one to the party and you already knew about this and regularly order from the secret menu. But just in case, you know I like to share important stuff with my readers so consider this another public service message.

That said, perhaps you didn't know that In-N-Out also makes a 30x30. If you don't believe me, check this out:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rickie,

In and Out has a teeshirt that you might look into. Its called "Serving our Servicemen." Looks pretty good and its priced right. Actually I've always thought that a person should be paid to advertise.