Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning

I guess I am somewhat behind the times but I just found out that remastered versions of a bunch of Beatles albums are due in September. Albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, the White Album, etc. will be released and will also be combined in one giant box set, cost as yet to be announced.

After all these years can the Beatles generate that much excitement? I think so.

I kind of forget about them since you don't hear them mentioned that much anymore, but when I find myself in times of trouble.. uh, that is, when I go back and listen to their music, it was not just a product of the times or Beatlemania or a passing fad; they had genuine genius-level talent and their music reflected it.

I remember wearing out the grooves on 45 RPM's of She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand while wearing this really cheap Beatles wig my sister bought me that I could only keep on my head for a few minutes because it was so itchy and hot.

I remember watching their cartoon series on Saturday mornings. The cartoons themselves were pretty horrible but the music was the real thing.

I remember long discussions with Michael Jones about whether or not their records actually contained clues about Paul being dead. I couldn't play the records backwards on the turntable so I recorded it on reel-to-reel tape and turned it around in such a way to make the songs play in reverse. And we listened to them and heard what other people were saying they heard. Now who would have even thought to do something like that in the first place? I always thought the Beatles were the ones who started the rumors to play a joke on their fans.

If you are an oldie like me, think back on all of the Beatles songs you have listened to over the years and what masters they were in the art of rock and roll. I'm really excited about the pending release of the remastered albums. I hear there is going to be a box set in stereo and one in mono, the way they were first released. I would like to get both of them but depending on the cost, I intend to get at least one. It would be nice to just sit down and replay all the songs that make up a big part of my life's soundtrack.

There's no other group that can compare to them.

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donna said...

Misa did a great job supplying me with all the Beatles greats. I've been enjoying them immensely.