Thursday, June 4, 2009

Retiring Life

I had lunch with Mike, my friend and also dentist, today. I told him my big dream is to retire at the same time the mortgage on our house does, in five years. He told me that he wants to keep working and not retire at all.

Talk about opposing viewpoints! Wouldn't I get bored? He asked. Nope. Never. When left to my own devices I never get bored even if I am doing nothing, because it would be my choice to do nothing - as opposed to having nothingness imposed upon me.

My goal: to have an empty calendar. A clean slate, nothing about which to be apprehensive. Yes I know that sounds weird, but knowing that there is something on the schedule gives me anxiety and I just want to get it over with. For example, a webinar I attended on Tuesday. It was just an innocuous little webinar in which I only had to listen and not contribute but the idea of it hanging over my head knowing it was taking a chunk out of the day, however minor, left me anxious.

This just goes along with how I could never enjoy Sundays when I was in high school because I knew the next day was Monday. Me, I'd like every day to be Saturday. Saturday with a clean slate, that is.

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