Monday, June 1, 2009

My Old School

This afternoon I headed out to UCLA to watch Katie perform with her Kyodo Taiko group for their spring concert. It turned out very well. I posted some pictures below. I took a lot of pictures but most of them were too dark. The concert was quite enjoyable.

The campus has changed a lot since I attended, and well it should have, considering how long ago that was - too many years to reveal except lets just say that I was there when the best basketball coach of all time was in charge of the team.

Katie seems to have embraced college life very well. She's made a lot of friends and has gotten involved in a couple of organizations with a high participation level. Greg did the same when he was at the Naval Academy.

Compared to them I was a social outcast in my college days. One difference was that I commuted, whereas Greg by necessity lived on campus his entire time, and Katie spent her first two years in the dorm and then got an apartment in Westwood. Their classes had more interaction, I think, just because of the nature of their assignments and also because they were smaller. Many of my classes were in a big lecture hall that enabled me to hide and remain anonymous.

I did work in the student store, though, and met a lot of people during that time. I never really got that close to anyone - there's not a single person I met in college with whom I still keep in touch. I'm not much of a social person, I guess.

I'm thinking maybe I missed out. I wonder how things would have turned out differently had I gotten more involved in campus life. The conclusion I reach is that it is just not me, and that's why I didn't get involved in the first place. Ah, I am so reclusive..

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