Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today I found out that I have been spelling "yakamashii" incorrectly all these years. I've been leaving out the second "i" from the word.

This morning when I Googled the word, the results came back with the usual question that appears at the top of the list when you misspell the search term or Google doesn't recognize what you put in and tries to substitute a word that it thinks you actually meant:

Did you mean: yakamashii?

I stared at it. What?? You mean I've been spelling it wrong all my life? That's a lot of years! Then it dawned on me - so that's why it was so easy for me to register the domain name yakamashi.com, because that's not the right way to spell it! I checked and sure enough, yakamashii.com is taken.

Apparently Yahoo search is not that intelligent, however. It didn't ask if I meant the correct spelling. Neither did the new Microsoft search engine, Bing, ask me either. They just let me continue being stupid.

I guess it makes sense to spell it that way - that second "i" adds emphasis to the word; really lets someone know they need to shut up, haha..

Gee how embarrassing. I've been misinformed all these years!

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