Sunday, June 7, 2009


First off, I started Saturday at my favorite store (Costco) but have nothing to report in the way of anything interesting. I did buy a couple more boxes of Martha Stewart chicken slab pies because the price ends in a "7." Lest you think that is some feng-shui thing and I bought it because that connotes auspicious high prosperity good luck good fortune, the truth is that I found out any Costco price that ends in a "7" (or maybe it is a "97") means it is a closeout item and they don't plan on restocking it. So I am going to stockpile these slab pies with that in mind. They still had plenty of them today. Of course, who knows - next week they could be gone and then wind up at that store where all the prices end in "99."

Also, if you like strawberries, the ones they had today looked really nice.

From the library today I picked up all five discs from I Spy, season 3. Of its three short seasons, that's my favorite one. Michael Jones and I used to pretend we were Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson - we'd walk around acting like secret agents while imitating that pair's banter.

A different Michael left a comment on yesterday's post about another pair of people I used to work with who are now getting sued by the U.S Government for fraud. He left a link to the song "Instant Karma."

Actually what I wrote about wasn't an instance of instant karma, it was more a case of 30-year karma. But karma is karma. It's like Candid Camera - when you least expect it.

Their attorneys have vehemently denied all charges and proclaimed the innocence of their clients. Well, what are they supposed to say? Have you ever heard of a defendant's attorney saying otherwise? I don't know why the media even bothers to ask the attorney to comment. That's like sportscasters who ask a player if they want to win their next game.

All I can say is, character speaks volumes. That is why these accusations of fraud against the two do not surprise me in the least. Either of them would be just as much at home ripping off senior citizens with the latest telemarketing scheme. That's just the kind of persons they were and I doubt they are any different now.

Think about the people you know - friends, family, coworkers.. you know which ones you can trust and the ones you can't.

And then there's Yoko.. she trusts her fingers, lol.. (see the video)

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