Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Wish

Today I was thinking about things I used to have that I wish I still had.. stuff I wish I hadn't given away or thrown away or sold or lost. So here's my list:

My big box of Lego - Lego is sooo expensive these days. I had a giant box. That was way back before they made round pieces. Everything was red, white or yellow, and there was one blue piece. And everything was square or rectangular.

Erector Set - real steel with nuts and bolts and a really powerful motor. It also came in a sturdy metal box. I can imagine how much something like that would cost in today's dollars.

Heathkit Electronics Kit - all sorts of electronic components on one big circuit board that I would connect with heavy-gauge red wires. And everything worked!

I think we left those for the people who bought our old house on 36th street. Lucky kids..

My old Schwinn bicycle. Back then Sting Rays were the rage but my dad wouldn't buy me one. Instead he modified the 24" beach-cruiser-type bike I had by adding gooseneck handlebars and a tuck and roll seat. I used to use clothspins to hold playing cards on the frame next to the wheel to make a motorcycle sound when the cards flashed against the spokes. I used that bike through high school then I think my dad gave it away or sold it. That was one solid bike.

My set of Camco drums. Sigh.. why did I sell those??

My loud purple Hawaiian shirt that I had when I worked in the student store at UCLA. That was my favorite shirt. I got lots of comments about how loud it was, haha.

My Dynaco A25 speakers. I'd like to listen to them now and see how they compare to modern-day speakers.

The "journals" (guys don't keep diaries) I kept from 1977-early 80's that I wound up throwing away one day because I didn't want to read them anymore. What a mistake. I wrote tons of stuff in them.

On the other hand, I had quite a collection of National Lampoon magazines - nearly every issue from 1970 through 1979. I thought one day I'd pull them out and read them but I guess times have changed because I realized I was never going to take a good look at them. So off to E-Bay they went. The most interesting thing was looking at the ads from back then.

Anyway, that's my list of stuff. I'm sure I will think of more relics I wish I had kept, but the ones above came to my mind right away. Oh yeah - one more thing - that big chocolate bar I hid under the bed, lol.. back when I was a little nappy head boy.

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