Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Was Wr..

Back in 2004 when the Lakers lost to the Detroit Pistons in the NBA finals, and then soon after Shaq was traded and Phil Jackson quit, I vowed never to support the Lakers again. I thought they were incredibly stupid to sacrifice so much in order to keep that spoiled brat Kobe Bryant. All I could picture in my mind was his whining, pouting face during the finals as he complained about not getting his hands on the ball enough.

I said I hoped the Lakers would never win another game, much less see another playoff.

Well here it is 2009 and they are now the world champion Lakers, as attested to by the numerous car-rocking incidents taking place in points east of Los Angeles.

So how do I feel about it now?

I'm like the Fonz; I can't admit I was wro... wr.. I can't even say the word. But in retrospect, I think the Lakers had to gamble that Kobe's character would mature to match his ballplaying abilities, and that he had more potential ahead of him than did Shaq. I hated that they lost Phil Jackson but he returned so they really didn't lose him.

Meanwhile, I have to say that Kobe has really turned around his attitude. During the playoffs this year, he was absolutely incredible. I've gone from hating him to admiring him. Yes, he knows he is incredible but he has also gotten much more humble and has become a team player.

One thing I noticed about him - he never gives up. I think there are situations in which the smartest thing to do is to give up, like when your life is endangered or something like that, but that doesn't apply to the basketball court. He's always hustling, always putting in a total effort to win the game and never lets anything rattle his confidence. He doesn't get psyched out. Someone comes on strong against him, he comes back stronger. I'm thinking if we apply that same attitude towards everything we do, how much could we accomplish?

No song like "eye of the tiger" or "we are the champions" today. Those are ugh. (I always thought there should be a song called "eye o' the salmon." Don't ask me why.. I just thought that was kind of funny.

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