Friday, June 5, 2009

I Knew You When

Today it was announced that the SEC is filing a civil lawsuit against three former executives of a company that I shall keep nameless, but let's just say it was the nation's largest mortgage lender before it was bought by B of A and its name begins with a "C."

I won't name the executives either, but today's post is about two of them. I used to work with them a long time ago - we were in the same firm together in the early 1980's. I'll just refer to them as "DS" and "ES."

What were they like back then? Well, let's just say I am not surprised that they are being sued. One incident with ES says volumes about his character:

I rode with him to Shakey's after a company softball game. He rolled into the parking lot and pulled into a handicap parking space.

"Isn't this a handicapped space?" I asked, thinking maybe he didn't notice.


"Uh, this is a handicapped space," I pointed out, since he didn't say anything.

"Yes it is," he said as he got out of the car. "Let's go in." I stood there looking at him but he was already walking into the pizza parlor.

I don't know if his buddy (they were good buddies back then) DS parked in handicapped spaces too, but they both shared the same kind of character. Basically, neither of them had any scruples.

Now I bring this up because reading the article today brought back memories and I was thinking how odd it would have been in those days to know what it would all come down to on June 4, 2009, capping the entire downfall of that huge company they helped run.

In a later job, I worked with someone who knew the CEO (whom I will call "AM") of this mortgage lender where my former cohorts worked. In fact, he and AM used to be roommates before AM started up his venture. Jim told me that the two of them would talk until all hours of the night about the mortgage business. Back then I thought, wow, did you take a wrong turn somewhere. Here your ex-roomie is the CEO of a large company and you're working here in the loan servicing department.

Me, I used to think about my own self - these guys I used to work with are making millions, and here I am making relative peanuts. Just like Jim.

I don't know what happened to Jim but I imagine wherever he is, he must have read the news today too, and spent some time reflecting on the past just like I did.

Maybe we missed out and maybe we didn't.

ps - I always get a kick out of the above video. It's the 60's answer to Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video.

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