Friday, June 26, 2009

The End

Yesterday escrow closed on my parents Crenshaw area house. It belongs to someone else now. It was listed back in January and while it is a relief that finally the house has finally transferred title and this long process is done, I'm still kind of sad that the place with so many memories is no longer in the family.

Our broker said that the buyers really, really wanted the house and were very happy that the transaction is now complete. Well, I'm happy for them and I hope all works out well. I think they're going to take good care of it.

Tonight we celebrated - Gary our broker, my sister and I had dinner at Houston's in Pasadena. The food was good and we had an enjoyable time. Gary really went above and beyond with helping get repairs done, making escrow move along, etc., and he did a great job. Here we are, stuffed to the gills:

On the way home I saw the below bus bench at the corner of Huntington Drive and San Gabriel Blvd. and since I had my camera with me, I snapped a picture of it. Have you ever seen an animal sitting on a bus bench? I can't recall ever seeing that but I guess it must happen often enough to warrant placing a warning on the bench (click either picture to enlarge).

I'm glad the weekend is nearly here - the best kind, with a clean calendar for Saturday and Sunday!

Here's some music that I thought was a suitable ode to our old house.

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