Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Down and Out

We were just about to go to lunch on Sunday when all of a sudden a grating, scraping sound began emanating from my computer.

"What's that noise?" Julie asked.

It didn't sound very good. I thought maybe something had fallen into one of the fans inside the case. Not wanting any damage, I used the power button to shut it down. As you might imagine, during lunch my mind was preoccupied thinking about what the problem was. At first I thought it was a fan but then it occurred to me that it was probably the hard drive.

Sure enough, the noise was the death rattle of the main drive I use. It operated long enough for me to copy my data and settings to another drive before it finally conked out. During that time it didn't make those horrible scraping noises like it did at first, but it kept buzzing quite loudly. Not very healthy, that's for sure.

So from the time we came back from lunch, I spent a good part of the day and evening restoring everything - reinstalling Vista and all the software programs and making sure all the data was back in place. What an ordeal! At least nothing was lost.

Today (Monday) at work I received a pleasant surprise. One of the guys in the warehouse brought a couple of boxes into my office. Boxes with bottles of wine inside. I looked at them and said they must be for someone else because I hadn't ordered anything and wasn't expecting any packages. He checked the label again and said no, it had my name on it.

Turns out a winery had sent me eight sample bottles because of my other blog, the one about wine that I hardly ever post to anymore. I guess my infrequent posting over there didn't bother the winery because they sent it anyway. Not too shabby. I've gotten a couple of bottles plus some books to review so there are some benefits to writing a wine blog.

Anyway, it is good to have the computer back up and running. Without one I feel so out of touch; without one I can't watch stuff like this:

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