Sunday, June 21, 2009


This past week a new Henry's store opened in Monrovia. Owned by the same company that owns Smart & Final, it's supposed to be a sort of Trader Joe's, only larger. Or a sort of Whole Foods, only smaller (and cheaper).

We went to go have a look on Friday. The smallish parking lot was overflowing so we parked on the street. The store itself was crowded.

After walking up and down the aisles, all I can say is Trader Joe's has nothing to worry about. I've never set foot in a Whole Foods market so I can't comment on that, but I found Henry's to be pretty boring. And not cheap, either. Aside from the grand opening specials, everything seemed pretty expensive to me.

Trader Joe's has a more interesting selection of products and at better prices. That's my short review.

Changing subjects..

I sent an e-mail to Alan thanking him for inviting us to the event last Thursday (see yesterday's blog post) and received a reply back. This has nothing to do with the event but I started laughing when I read this part of his message:

Remember when you used to hide chocolate under your bed? I remembered that yesterday and laughed.

Yes, I sure do remember that but I didn't remember letting anyone know about it! I had gone to the movies and bought one of those big Hershey bars and sneaked it into the house, then hid it under my bed so my mom wouldn't confiscate it and dole out small portions to me.

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