Monday, June 29, 2009


There wasn't a whole lot to choose from this month for my Amazon Vine selections to review. I sent for boxes. Moving boxes, that is.

I'm not moving but with all the junk we have in our house, it wouldn't hurt to have some nice storage boxes. First I got the medium-sized ones which are pretty sturdy, so the second time around I requested the small size.

The small size comes in a 10-pack. Here's a screen print of the product page from the website:

Shipping weight is supposed to be 13.6 pounds. I got the tracking number for the boxes and checked on FedEx to see their progress. Here's a screen print of the tracking information:

Take a look at what I highlighted in yellow. The tracking info says the shipment weighs 55 pounds! Either they made a mistake in the weight or I'm going to be getting a whole bunch of boxes - if it really weighs 55 pounds that would be four packs of 10 boxes each = 40 boxes. That's so many boxes I would kind of feel obligated to move just to use them all.

Here is a picture of the medium-sized box so you can see what it looks like:

For today's YouTube, that box made me think of the ending of the movie Se7en, and they do indeed have a clip of it on the site. But I thought it was a bit too creepy and extreme so I went with this one instead; a box of a different type.

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