Saturday, May 23, 2009


As you may have gleaned from reading my blog, I like electronic gear, particularly audio equipment. Yes, I do seem to have this thing about speakers..

One problem with having a hobby like that is being able to afford that stuff. It's not like collecting butterflies. But an even greater constraint acting to limit the acquisition of audio equipment than leanness of the pocketbook is what is known in audio forum circles (and probably every other male-dominated forum) as WAF.

Wife acceptance factor.

More spine-tingling than the price of an object is the voice behind you demanding to know, "Where did that come from???"

Today I received a private message on one of the audio forums I frequent, sent to me in error. Someone had listed a couple of subwoofers for sale and somehow, the potential buyer sent this message to me instead of to the seller (click to enlarge):

Haha, had I known his true identity that would have been worth at least a couple of that few hundred bucks he was hiding from his wife. I wrote back and told him he had sent the message to the wrong person and wished him luck. Poor fellow. I can just imagine him nervously hunched over his computer ready to jump at the slightest noise in back of him.

The subwoofers are still up for sale and I never heard back from Larry so I hope he is okay. Could be he wound up something like this, though:


donna said...

Not all wives are like that!

Brien said...

Hey Rick, you're preaching to the choir!! LOL....

Rickie Miyake said...

Well Donna, you're a rarity! I know, some wives know how to keep their hubbys from getting grumpy.. actually Julie is pretty good at that (although to her, all electronic stuff looks identical). And Brien, I know, you were just nodding your head, lol..