Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time to Panic

Sorry, Doug Adams, but it is time to panic so don't tell us not to.

Y2K worldwide chaos and the end to civilization as we knew it.

1984 Los Angeles Olympics and hopeless gridlock.

And now, R2D2 flu! Oh, excuse me, I meant H1N1 flu, more commonly known as the Swine Flu, threatens to take down the world and not even Bruce Willis can do anything about it.

Yesterday Julie headed over to WalMart to buy some face masks.

"They still had masks over there?" I asked.

"Yeah, there was still quite a bit," she told me. As she was checking out, a couple of people spied the masks and asked where she found them. Then they went speeding off to that section of the store to get their own.

We still have some masks sitting in the cabinet somewhere that were supposed to be for our trip to Beijing and Hong Kong four years ago so I think we are well stocked.

Are you a fatalist? Because if you are, then you know it doesn't matter one way or the other if you put on one of these gauze masks to try and protect yourself from the flu germs. If you know someone who is, you can put them to the test:

"Why did you buy that gauze face mask?"

"Why?? To protect myself against the Swine Flu virus."

"But you said you believe in fate. So if it's your time, it's your time whether or not you put on that silly mask."

"No, my fate is a function of what I decide to do."

"YOU decide? You don't decide. You don't have a choice. Whatever you do is fate. You're just a puppet."

"If I put it on, then that's because that is my destiny, to put it on."

"But if it is your time, then it doesn't matter if you put it on or not. So what difference does it make?"

"Now you got me all confused."

"That's your fate. To be confused right now."

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kmiyake said...

it was friday, and the ratio is 48/16, so it's really hard to start and keep going unless you're going really really fast