Monday, May 4, 2009

Sell Out

I have another blog. Most of you probably don't know that; I don't post to it very often these days. It's called OneWinePerWeek, which originally began as a simple blog to post tasting reviews of the bottle of wine I happened to drink in a particular week.

Then I got the idea of instead of writing a bunch of boring reviews (I don't have a golden palate so I am unable to discern all of the extreme nuances other tasters seem to detect and describe in flowing prose), I'd combine my boring reviews with articles poking fun at the world of winedom.

That was a lot of fun. I guess I like making fun of things. Eventually I ran out of things to make fun of, however, so my posts became few and far between.

The other day I received an inquiry from a marketing firm informing me that they had various clients who would like to publicize themselves on my site and how much do I charge for advertising as well as do I accept paid editorial content.

Huh? I wrote back and told the guy that I update that blog infrequently and average about 50-75 visitors a day so there wouldn't be that much exposure for anyone advertising on my site.

He wrote back and thanked me for my candor, then asked if I would be willing to sell the site.

I wasn't sure what he meant so I in turn wrote and asked if he meant selling the domain name and all the content that was there already. I said I wasn't ready to sell anything but out of curiosity, what sort of dollars was he talking about?

His reply was yes, sell the entire site, and he was talking in the neighborhood of around $400.

$400? I have no idea how reasonable an offer that is. But I thought, why would someone want to buy a domain name like "one wine per week?" What could they do with it? And then I thought, I really don't feel much motivation for keeping up that site so what is the point of keeping it? $400 is better than letting it sit there. Maybe he's lowballing me and I should counter with something more like $5,000 and see what happens.

Then I went back and read some of the articles I had posted and not to sound immodest, but some of them were pretty darn good. Some would be downright hilarious to people who were familiar with wine, maybe even to those who weren't familiar, too.

I mentioned the offer to Julie. "After all that work you put into writing those things and you're going to sell it for $400? That's nothing."

I felt like Jimmy Stewart in the scene from It's A Wonderful Life where he almost sells out to the evil Mr. Potter. Yeah, what price on my labor of love? Well, seriously maybe only two bits or thereabouts, but still, I'd hate to sell my creations and give up control over them. At least not so cheap, haha..

I wrote back to the fellow and told him thank you but I wasn't interested in doing anything for a while.

Next thing you know, I will get a similar offer to sell this blog. My name and all. I'll have to change my name as I won't have rights to that anymore. So if you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would you choose?

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