Monday, May 25, 2009

Odd Job

Oh I am so glad tomorrow is a holiday! Well actually today, since I am writing it on Sunday but posting it on Monday. So happy Memorial Day to you!

Today (Sunday.. just keep my timeframe in mind) I was thinking about celebrities I have encountered. There haven't been many. One time Amy and I were in J-Town and we saw Carole King sitting at the counter of a sushi bar. All by herself, very serene. I didn't want to bug her for her autograph although now I wish I had because she is someone I greatly admire.

The closest I've been to any television or movie personality was the time I met Harold Sakata, who played the role of James Bond's nemesis Odd Job in Goldfinger. He gave me a ride home from school a few times.

How so?

He happened to be the uncle of my classmate, Sterling Tom. In the sixth grade both of us went to an elementary school that was fairly far from our homes and his dad would normally give us a ride home. But one time a different guy picked us up. He looked pretty rough and was wearing a white undershirt. He drove a big old American car (foreign cars were still foreign back then), something like a rather ratty Oldsmobile.

"Do you know who he is?" Sterling asked. I shook my head.

He introduced him formally by telling me it was his Uncle Harold and then told me he was Odd Job. From Goldfinger.

"No way." Sterling assured me that it was true. I looked at his uncle, who also nodded but I kept picturing a guy wearing a suit and a dangerous bowler on his head. The transition to reality was difficult for me but I figured he wasn't pulling my leg.

Up to that point, in my short 10 or 11 years, Goldfinger was my absolute favorite movie of all time - my inspiration for wanting to become a secret agent. As a kid, I was impressed. As an adult, I still am. I can still picture getting into the car and being introduced.

The thing is, ratty Olds with the torn upholstery and all, he will be forever immortalized in what I say is by far the best 007 movie of them all. Everyone remembers Odd Job!

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donna said...

I remember that commercial!!! LOL!