Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Saturday

My Saturday began in typical fashion, at Costco. Product-wise, I have nothing to report; I just restocked. I noticed a poor henpecked young husband being led around the store by his confident, authoritative, domineering, smotheri.. well, anyway, by his wife who wanted to interrogate and shoot him down about everything he wanted to place in the cart.

"And tell me, why do you want to buy that???"

"It's for my father. He -"

"You do not want to do that. That isn't good. Blah blah blah.." I leaned on my cart feeling sorry for the guy. On top of that she had a really big nose, for whatever that's worth. Reminded me of the friend of a coworker who murdered his wife for talking too much.

Husband goes berserk at Costco, bludgeons wife..

Then we ate lunch at T-Burgers in Monrovia. Not bad, but for fast food in the SGV, the place to beat is still Tops on Colorado near Michilinda. After T-Burgers, we headed over to the new Monrovia library. Today was its grand opening and there were plenty of patrons as well as employees on hand to help out.

The new facility is very nice. I got myself a library card and checked out a book by one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami, and got four CD's, too. And get this: the CD's were brand spanking new! I couldn't believe it, pristine, unscratched discs with no fingerprints and an uncracked case to boot! That made my day. I will be very conscientious about returning them in the same condition.

Tonight it was dinner as usual with the in-laws. This time we went to a different restaurant. Still Chinese, but a different one. A wedding reception was taking place in a portion of it. These are the things I remember:

The food wasn't too bad.

The loudspeakers used for the reception were probably the worst I have ever heard. Screeching, harsh Bose monitors. Enough said about that..

And I think the bride must have misplaced her mascara and was forced to use shoe polish instead.

It was a nice ride back home - things are so much more serene at night.

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