Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday Random Thoughts

Please forgive me when I refer to "today" in this blog since that's in present tense as I write, not when it is published.

That said, today (Monday) as I exited the freeway offramp on my way to work, wondering why do some people drive so slow - don't they know it's a freeway?? - I was surprised by a couple of low-flying mallards that emerged from the bushes along the side of the ramp and barely made it over the top of my car.

Ducks? What would ducks be doing in Burbank? And a pretty crummy part of Burbank, to boot. Not only that, these two clumsy things came uncomfortably close to my windshield.

Then I got to thinking, what if birds ever got smart and decided to randomly attack us humans as we were walking? I think we'd be pretty helpless against a dive-bombing kamikaze pecking at us a la Hitchcock-movie style. Our bodies don't have much armor, we don't run fast, and don't have real quick reactions. Can you imagine a battlefield of attacking birds every time we went outside?

Why do I think of things like that? Don't ask me.

Then as I sat at my desk today dealing with interruptions and wondering why don't people read their e-mails before asking me questions or asking for things I had already sent them, I got to thinking how nice it would be to retire early.

The question is how to get there from here. I think I've mentioned my vision in this blog before but I'll repeat:

I want to wake up whenever I feel like it and go to sleep whenever I feel like it.

That's it??? You ask..

Yup, that's about it. But let me explain. I don't mean it in a lazy way, like being so slothful I rise at the break of evening; what I mean in this vision is that I am so passionate about my "work" - what I do for a living - that it doesn't have any set bounds. No 9-5 routine. I work because I love it so it's not really work.

Wow, wouldn't we all like to be that way, right? Well, that's true. I never said I was unique. All I'm saying is I need to figure out a way to realize that vision.

Add something else: I'm "working" in a large room with a big window. There's a glass desk. A computer. And that's all that is needed.

Oh yeah - a chair, too.

And I guess the window should be bird-proof.

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