Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday Observations

We spent a fairly quiet Memorial Day by visiting the Brea shopping mall. Actually, one mall is pretty much the same as another, built modularly (malldularly?) with interchangeable stores. The food courts may not have the exact same names but they sell the same food, with employees behind the counter hawking samples of their wares on toothpicks. Some are bigger than others but that normally just means stores with different names selling the same things.

One thing I noticed was that there is are so many kinds of Dockers pants and they all look pretty much the same to me. They come in all different price ranges and I wonder why do some cost so much more than others when they all seem to look and feel the same? One of life's mysteries..

Something else I noticed as we were almost home. Someone ran across the street and she ran swinging her arms back and forth, elbows straight and never raising her hands above her waist. Kind of reminded me of a penguin. She flicked each hand when it was at its furthest point behind her as if that helped propel her forward and faster. I was thinking how stupid that looks.

It really bothers me when people run looking stupid. Like that woman running across the street today. Or when people run keeping their hands up in the air at chest level, or even worse, at shoulder level or above. Don't they realize what they look like?? If you run like that, no offense but you need to change your style!

There have been some recent comments on this blog about Golden Bird chicken. To me that's the greatest fried chicken of all - no other comes close. People who rave about Roscoe's? Sorry, Roscoe's is pitiful next to the Golden Bird. Unfortunately the Bird seems to be going extinct, with Brien reporting that the location in the Crenshaw area is closed.

So I went to the source to see just exactly which locations are still operating. Brien, you'll be happy to know that there is one opening soon in Palmdale! As for the other locations, and for the exact address of the one soon to open, here is a link to the GB site: click here (Beware, it begins playing music).

Here's a YouTube of people running in normal fashion. Now just imagine them instead running like penguins or with their hands/arms up in the air like I described above, with the same music still playing. It doesn't work, does it?

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