Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Visitor

This morning when I went outside to turn on the sprinkler, I spied a lizard frantically trying to get into the house through a vent from the crawlspace below the floor.

There's a small ledge where the indentation for the screen-covered vent is set into the exterior of the house, right next to the hose faucet. This lizard was scrambling left and right on the ledge, peering inside at something that was so interesting it didn't even notice me standing there looking at him. Nor did he notice my hand scooping him up.

Once in my hand he struggled a bit and then became motionless. I brought him inside and put him in a plastic container, then set the container next to my computer desk. The lizard didn't move one bit.

After I while I took some pictures. Pretty lizard, huh?

Then it was back into his container until the timer went off telling me to shut off the sprinkers. I took him back outside and he had his freedom again, scurrying off into the bushes.

I wonder if the lizard comprehended anything that happened to him? He seemed to react when I was carrying him, like he was amazed at the experience of moving through the air above the floor. I think that entire hour the lizard spent in my room was just too much for it to fathom.

Maybe there's some aliens conducting experiments on us and we don't realize it because it's beyond our comprehension as well.

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