Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get a Job

I got my hair cut today. My barber has a daughter who is in her second year at UC San Diego so we sometimes compare notes.

I was telling her how a certain daughter of mine, who shall remain nameless, had interviewed for a summer job at Disney. A short while after the interview I asked if she had heard anything. She hadn't.

I told her that she should call to follow up and also thank the interviewer for the opportunity.

"I don't want to bug her."

"You're not bugging her, you are letting her know that you're interested in the job and also that you appreciate her time."

"That's just kissing up. I don't want to make it look like I am kissing up to her for the job."

"It all depends on how you go about it. Of course you need to be sincere. They'll remember you for it. If it comes down to choosing between a few people and it is a tough decision, they're going to go with the one that took the time to follow up on the interview."

No matter what, this daughter of mine did not want to contact the interviewer. Finally she said she would do so in about a week if she hadn't heard anything yet.

I told this to my barber. "Oh yeah, you have to follow up and thank them," she said. "My daughter was the same way. She said to me, mom, I don't want to be a brown nose!"

This unnamed daughter eventually did call about the job and seemed surprised that they didn't have the courtesy to answer the phone in person but instead had left a recording thanking everyone and informing them that all of the positions had been filled.

"What do you expect?" I told her. "At my office we don't contact people who didn't get the job. We only contact the ones we want to hire. Who cares about the ones you don't want to hire?"

"That sucks."

"That's the way it is, though." When I told my barber she nodded her head.

"They don't care," declared my barber, both of us nodding. "You have to make them remember you."

Actually, just because someone takes the time to follow up on an interview doesn't necessarily give them the upper hand. They could be weird. But given candidates who are equal and between whom it is difficult to choose one or the other, I say that the one who does the follow up will most likely be the one who is successful. They're the one asking to close the deal.

I'm not saying to be insincere like a politician and spew double-talk coming up with anything that you think is going to benefit you; if you are there to apply for a job then you really ought to be appreciative of the opportunity. Whether or not you want it, you must need it because you're there interviewing, right? Unless you are there because you have Asian parents who made you feel guilty, that is.

So what do you think? Times are tough.. finding a summer job is not easy. You've gotta separate yourself from the pack.

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